About Us

Musica Royale, founded in 1996, is comprised of nine musicians with many years of performance experience in early music.  The group specializes in music of the Renaissance and Middle Ages, and also music from the early Baroque period.  Musicians that Musica Royale have performed with include Alexander Zonjic, Ervin Monroe, and the Rochester Symphony Orchestra.  The ensemble performs annually at the Michigan Renaissance Festival and has also performed at the Somerset Collection, the Detroit Science Center, the Grand Rapids Historical Museum, Meadowbrook Hall, and at numerous weddings and events in the metropolitan Detroit area.

Musica Royale incorporates a wide variety of period instruments in their performances, including recorders and flute; plucked strings such as the harp, lute, and classical guitar; bowed strings such as the violin, viola da gamba, and rebec; double reeds including crummhorns; and percussion.  All of the group’s members are multi-instrumentalists giving the group a broad spectrum of styles and sounds.
Musica Royale has recorded two albums, “A Renaissance Christmas” in 2000 and “Renaissance Hits and Near Misses” in 2008.