Booking Musica Royale

Musica Royale is available to play at your special event in the metropolitan Detroit area. We have a wide variety of music styles to select from, including period music as well as classical and contemporary classics.

Whether you choose to book the group as a duo, trio, quartet, or the entire ensemble, Musica Royale will add the special ambiance to make your event unforgettable. Our members perform on the following instruments: (subject to availability)
  • Harp
  • Flute
  • Violin
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Classical Guitar
  • Numerous sizes of Recorders
  • Percussion
Instruments from the medieval and renaissance time periods including:
  • Lute
  • Crummhorns
  • Rebec
  • Viola da Gamba
Folk instruments including:
  • Mandolin
  • Vihuela
  • Guittaron
For prices and more information about booking Musica Royale fill out the form below or call Robin Danek at (248) 933-2970 or Mary Ann Fischer at (248) 701-5145.