Renaissance, Medieval and Baroque Music

New CD from Musica Royale

Festival Frolic & Fantasy:
$14.99 - CD + Download
$9.99 - Download Only

Get the new Musica Royale CD featuring Game of Thrones and more Renaissance favorites. Relaxing music that is great for parties, dinners, special events and more.

Makes a great gift!


Musica Royale is an early music ensemble based in Metro Detroit. The ensemble specializes in music from the early Baroque period as well as traditional and contemporary classical music. Musica Royale incorporated a wide variety of period instruments, including recorders, lute, harp, lute, classical guitar, violin, viola da gamba, rebec, double reeds including crummhorns and percussion.

Musica Royal offers many types of Renaissance, Medieval and/or Baroque programs for your next event, including:

  • Weddings
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Art Fairs and Festivals
  • Renaissance Dance Band
  • Renaissance and Medieval Christmas including Wassails
  • Traditional Christmas
  • Mexican Christmas (with guittaron, the Mexican bass guitar)
  • Twelfth Night
  • Educational Performances and Demonstrations
The group performs in period costumes upon request.

For more information about availability or to discuss your next event, contact us.

Period Music to Make Your Wedding Special

  • Victorian
  • Renaissance
  • Contemporary
  • Classical
  • Medieval
  • Baroque


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